It’s tempting to try to go it alone thinking you will save money using price comparison sites like ‘Compare the Meerkats’ and ‘Money saving X & Y’ because that’s what they have brainwashed you to believe! However the options you find here are restricted to the few insurance companies that they have on their panel overlooking some of the better options. The prices are not even proven to be cheaper than using a Life Insurance Broker in many cases they are more expensive. 


1. Understanding Life Insurance Policies Is A Daunting Task


A life insurance NI broker has the expertise and necessary skills to understand all the finer points of life insurance policies and to help you decide which one is best for you. Because life insurance brokers work one-on-one basis with their clients, they understand your exact insurance needs and then help you find a good quality life insurance policy for your needs. Since every policy is unique, it’s hard to give a blanket description of the benefits and costs. Often for regular people navigating through the various terms of life insurance policy and comparing them individually with countless others can be time consuming. However, once you get life insurance broker assistance, it will be easy. You will be able to make quick choices while also getting more realistic cost estimates. A life insurance NI broker has the ability to help you understand the details of a policy, such as how to buy life insurance and what to include in it, assisting you to secure your family’s future.


2. Life Insurance Brokers offer more options than Price Comparison sites


Price comparison sites will only offer a limited handful of insurance providers, and do not offer some of the better upgraded policies with leading insurance providers, whereas an Independent Life Insurance Broker can provide quotes for all of the best options that there are out there! They will also help explain how they differ, and help you navigate through the different options, meaning you end up with the right policy for your needs.


3. A Life Insurance Broker Saves You Money


The Life insurance broker is experienced in assisting a broad portfolio of clients to obtain the full value of their policy. They can help those interested to understand the terms, the associated price of the policy, the additional bonuses offered by the companies, all of which ultimately save money. Life Insurance Brokers will not charge any fee for their professional services, notably because they are paid by the life insurance companies to administer their policies (the same as price comparison sites)


4. You Will Be Financially Protected


When you get your insurance through a broker registered with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), you are likely not going to lose on your financial protection in case the insurer or the broker ceases trading.


5. Saves You the Hassle


Everyone knows that dealing with insurance companies, associated paperwork, and, most importantly can be a nuisance. A broker understanding the many intricacies of the industry that regular people aren’t aware of can help you gain a rewarding experience at no expense of your time.



With life insurance brokers, you can get what you want, whether you want a little extra protection or a large guaranteed death benefit.

You can buy affordable life insurance that doesn’t jeopardize your ability to invest or even build wealth.