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Life Insurance Northern Ireland is a type of insurance contract which pays out a lump sum should you pass away or be diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term of the contract. If you have a combined Life & Critical Illness policy it will pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness (for example Cancer) The cost of a policy is determined by a number of factors including your age, health, lifestyle, your occupation, and smoking status.

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21 year old non-smoker £100,000 Life Insurance for 25 years £4.32 per month

25 year old non-smoker £100,000 Life Insurance for 25 years £4.82 per month

30 year old non-smoker £100,000 Life Insurance for 25 years £5.00 per month

35 year old non-smoker £100,000 Life Insurance for 25 years £6.23 per month

40 year old non-smoker £100,000 Life Insurance for 25 years £8.70 per month

*Prices valid 17/04/2020

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Life Insurance Belfast Northern Ireland

There are many types of Life Insurance, so which one do you need?

1) Level Term Insurance

Pays a fixed amount if you die during the term of the cover. Both the sum insured and your monthly payments remain the same, so your family will know exactly how much they will receive.

2) Decreasing Term Insurance

Decreases over time, with the amount of cover usually reducing in line with your mortgage repayments. It is often a cheaper option, and usually taken out to repay a capital and interest mortgage.

3) Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness during the term of your policy. Each Life Insurance Northern Ireland provider covers a different number of Critical Illnesses ranging from 40 to 170 such as Cancer and many other illnesses.

Did you know?

1 in 2 people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime (Cancer Research UK 2016)
Every year 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke*
There are around 103,000 heart attacks in the UK each year*
There are an estimated 100,000 people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the UK*
These 4 illnesses – Cancer, Stroke, Heath Attack and Multiple Sclerosis – are the most common reason for Critical Illness claims, Cancers alone making up 63% of claims!
4) Single Life Insurance

Covers one person.

5) Joint Life Insurance

Covers two people, but will only pay out once.

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When it comes to sound financial planning, appreciating the value of life insurance cannot be overemphasised. For folks living in Northern Ireland, life insurance becomes an indispensable pillar of support, offering peace of mind for the future. It’s akin to a protective shield that promises financial stability in the face of unexpected life events.

Let’s take a closer look at the pivotal role of life insurance, including specific components such as life cover, critical illness cover, and terminal illness benefits.

First and foremost, life insurance acts as a lifeline for your family. In the unfortunate event of your premature passing, it provides your dependents with either a lump sum or a series of monthly payments. This monetary aid helps offset the loss of income, ensuring the upkeep of your loved ones’ living standards. In essence, life insurance is a testament of your love and care for those who depend on you, securing their financial wellbeing.

Life cover, a specific variant of life insurance, promises financial security for a set duration. This period might coincide with your children’s graduation or the completion of your mortgage payments. Remember, life cover doesn’t offer lifelong coverage, but it’s set for a specific term. Nevertheless, life cover is especially crucial for households with young kids or significant debts, where the loss of the primary earner can have catastrophic consequences.

On a similar note, critical illness cover and terminal illness benefits are essential components of a comprehensive life insurance policy. Critical illness cover serves as a financial buffer if you’re diagnosed with a particular severe illness. The assurance that you can manage medical expenses, clear debts, or adapt your home to suit your condition can be an enormous relief during such trying times. Interestingly, more and more people in Northern Ireland are opting for critical illness cover, indicating a growing awareness of its importance.

On the other hand, terminal illness pertains to a disease that is deemed incurable or expected to lead to death within a given period. A diagnosis of terminal illness can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. A life insurance policy incorporating terminal illness benefits can offer much-needed financial support during such tough times, granting early access to policy benefits. This assistance can help manage immediate expenses like medical bills, ensuring your loved ones’ financial stability.

Life insurance, encompassing life cover, critical illness cover, and terminal illness benefits, offers more than just financial safeguards. It instils a sense of peace, knowing that your family’s financial security is assured, even in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, life insurance policies are often more budget-friendly than most people assume. The cost generally hinges on factors such as age, health, lifestyle, and the level of coverage you require. Many are pleasantly surprised to discover that the monthly payments for such extensive protection are quite reasonable. Considering the significant financial risks of not having life insurance, these monthly payments can be viewed as a valuable investment in your family’s security.

The beneficiaries of life insurance extend beyond the insured individual. It is a proactive measure to ensure the wellbeing of those you cherish. Life cover, critical illness cover, and terminal illness benefits are not merely about managing financial risks; they symbolise your commitment to safeguard your loved ones’ wellbeing, even in your absence.

In sum, the significance of life insurance in Northern Ireland is profound. It serves as a financial safety net, mitigates the financial implications of severe and terminal illnesses, and offers financial support in case of untimely death. Life insurance ensures that during the hardest times, those we leave behind do not have to grapple with financial instability.

For people living in Northern Ireland, comprehending and investing in life insurance, be it life cover, critical illness cover, or terminal illness benefits, is not just an advisable option; it is an integral aspect of safeguarding your family’s future.

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